Power Plants

Florida Energy Providers

Florida Power and Light
700 Universe Blvd
P.O. Box 14000
Juno Beach, FL 33408-0420
305-552-2144 (fax)

1.	St. Lucie
	1700 Megawatt Nuclear
	Units near Ft. Pierce

2.	Turkey Point
	1400 Megawatt Nuclear
	Units in South Dade 

3.	Cape Canaveral
 	2 Units Gas Units
	806 Megawatts

2.	Cutler
	2 Gas Units
	207 Megawatts

3.	Fort Myers
	1 Gas Unit
	1423 Megawatts

4.	Lauderdale
	2 Gas/Oil Units
	854 Megawatts

5.	Port Everglades
	4  Oil/Gas Units
	1,212 Megawatts

6.	Riveria
	2  Oil/Gas Units
	565 Megawatts
7.	Sanford
 	2  Gas/Oil Units
 	2,005 Megawatts

9.	Manatee
	2 Oil/Gas Units
	1,620 Megawatts

10.	Martin
	4  Gas/Oil Units
 	2,520 Megawatts
11.	Putnam
	2  GasOil Units
	498 Megawatts

12.	St. Johns
 	2 Coal/Coke Units
	254 Megawatts

Peaking Units  		2,504

FPL Generation 
(subtotal		18,864
Purchased Power		3,140
System Total 		22,004

Progress Energy
P.O. Box 33199
St. Petersburg, FL 33733
Progress Energy
P.O. Box 1551
Raleigh, NC 27602-1551
(800) 700-8744

1.	Progress Energy Florida
	Crystal River  	1629

	Combined Cycle Plants

2.	Hines
	The single-unit,
	Ft. Meade, Fla. 
	A 516-MW expansion of 
	the site is under 
	construction; and a third 
	combined-cycle has been 
	approved by regulators.

3	Tiger Bay	207
	The single-unit, 
	located near Fort Meade, Fla

	Combustion Turbine Plants
	Steam Plants

1	Bartow		444
	Near St. Petersburg, Fla.. 
	The site includes four 
	small combustion turbines 
	capable of generating 187 
	MW and three steam units.

2.	Crystal River
	The four-unit Crystal River 
	steam complex, located near 
	Crystal River, Fl., includes 
	two units built in the 1960s 
	(Crystal River South, 
	totaling 865 MW) and two 
	units built in the 1980s 
	(Crystal River North, 
	totaling 1,437 MW). The 
	site also includes the 
	Crystal River Nuclear 

3.	Avon Park	52 
	The two-unit, 52-MW 
	Avon Park peaking plant 
	is located at Avon 
	Park, Fla.

4.	Higgins
	The four-unit, 122-MW 
	Higgins peaking plant 
	is located near 
	Oldsmar, Fla.

5.	Bayboro		184
	The four-unit, Bayboro 
	peaking plant is located 
	near St. Petersburg, Fl

6.	DeBary		667
	The 10-unit, DeBary 
	peaking plant is located 
	at DeBary in 
	Volusia County, Fla.

7.	DeSoto County	320
	DeSoto County Plant site 
	is located near Arcadia, Fl. 
	The plant, which consists 
	of two 160-MW natural gas-
	fueled combustion turbines 
	(320 MW total
8.	Intercession City
	The 14-unit, 1,041-MW 
	Intercession City peaking 
	plant is located near 
	Kissimmee, Fla.

9.	Rio Pinar
	The single-unit, 13-MW Rio 
	Pinar Plant is located near 
	Orlando, Fl

10.	The Suwannee Plant is 
	located near Ellaville, 
	Fl. The site includes 
	three combustion turbines 
	capable of producing 
	164 MW and three fossil 
	steam units capable of 
	143 MW.

9.	University of Florida CO
	The single-unit, 35-MW 
	University of Florida 
	Cogeneration Plant is 
	located at Gainesville 
	Fl on the University of 
	Florida campus.

*	Progress Energy Florida
	TTI Transfer

*.	Progress Energy Florida
	IMT Transfer

*.	Progress Energy Florida
	Ceredo Transfer

*.	Progress Energy Florida
	Stewart Terminal

*.	Progress Energy Florida
	Bartow Terminal

Comment Form
21 West Church Street
Jacksonville, Florida 32202
Outage Reporting System:
(904) 665-6000
(800) 683-5542

1.	St. Johns River Plant
	The St. Johns River Power 
	Park (SJRPP) uses coal and 
	petroleum coke in two large 
	steam units to produce more 
	than 1260 MW of electricity, 
	half of which is used by JEA. 
	The other half is used by 
	Florida Power & Light 
	Company, which is co-owner, 
	with JEA, of the facility . 	
	SJRPP was placed in service 
	in 1987 and was built with 
	state-of-the-art mission 
	control equipment so that 
	even today, SJRPP performs 
	as well as or better than all 
	federal, state and local 
	environmental standards.

2.	Kennedy Generating Station
	Uses natural gas and 
	oil in one large combustion 
	turbine and three small, 
	peaking units to produce 
	335 MW of electricity. Power 
	for Jacksonville has been 
	produced at the KGS site 
	since 1912. Of course, the 	
	units in service today are 
	not nearly that old. In 
	fact, the largest unit was 
	installed in 2000 and 
	is identical to the BBGS 

2.	Northside
	The Northside Generating Station 
	(NGS) uses natural gas, fuel oil, 
	coal and petroleum coke in three, 
	large steam units and four small, 
	diesel-powered peaking units to 
	produce more than 1270 MW of 
	electricity. NGS boasts the two 
	largest Circulating Fluidized 
	Bed Combustors (CFBs) in the world. 
	NGS is also among the cleanest 
	solid fuel plants in the world. 
	NGS was placed into service in 
	1966, but Unit 3, the oldest 
	operating unit, was completed 
	in 1977.

3.	Brandy Branch Generating Station
	The Brandy Branch Generating 
	Station (BBGS) uses natural gas 
	(or oil in emergencies) in three 
	large, combustion turbines to 
	produce more than 540 MW of 
	Environmentally, BBGS is one of 
	the cleanest power plants in the 
	world. The station was completed 
	in 2001, with a planned expansion 
	to be completed in 2004.

Tampa Electric
Contact form
Main Switchboard
813/ 228-4111

1.	Big Bend
	Big Bend Station has four 
	coal-fired units with a 
	combined output of more 
	than 1,800 megawatts. Big 
	Bend Station expanded to meet 
	the demands of rapid growth 
	during the 1970s and 1980s. 
	The first unit began service 
	in 1970; the second and 
	third generating units were 
	added in 1973 and 1976; and 
	Unit Four was added in 1985. 
	With the capacity provided by 
	three combustion turbines that 
	serve as peaking units, 
	combined output from Big Bend 
	Station is 2,000 megawatts.

2.	Bay Side
	Located on Port Sutton Road 
	near Tampa Bay, the 1,200-
	megawatt Gannon Station will 
	soon convert from coal to 
	natural gas. The repowered 
	plant will be renamed Bayside 
	Station and by 2004 will 
	provide approximately 1,800 
	megawatts of natural gas-fueled 
	electric energy.

3.	Polk Power Plant
	A state-of-the-art integrated coal 
	gasification combined-cycle (IGCC) 
	power plant, Tampa Electricís Polk 
	Power Station produces enough 
	electricity to serve 75,000 homes

5.	Tampa Electric
	Davant Transfer

Gulf Power Company
One Energy Place
Pensacola, FL 32520
Gulf Power Procurement
(850) 444-6363

1.	Crist
        1229 Megawatts
	Fossil Fuel Plant
	John Dominey  

2.	Scholtz
        98 Megawatts
	Contact: Billie Williams  

3.	Smith
	340 Megawatts
	Contact: Marie Corbin  

City of Tallahasse
600 N. Monroe StreetM
Tallahassee, FL 32301-1262
850) 891-4YOU

1.	HC Corn
	The C. H. Corn facility is a 
	hydroelectric generating plant 
	located 20 miles southwest of 
	Tallahassee, on Lake Talquin. 
	This plant is one of only two 
	hydroelectric plants in the 
	state of Florida. 

2.	Purdon Unit 8
	Purdom Unit 8 generates 250 
	megawatts of power for the 
	same fuel as other 
	generators use to generate 160 
	megawatts. The generator is 
	40% more efficient than other 

3.	Arvab B Hopkins
	The Arvah B. Hopkins Power Plant 
	burns fossil fuels (either 
	natural gas or oil) to 
	convert water to steam 
	in two huge boilers. 
	368 megawatts

Other Florida Power Plants

1.	Fort Pierce Power Authority
 	206 S 6th Street
 	Fort Pierce, FL 34950
  	(772) 466-1600
	H.D. King Power 
	Generating Station 
	311 North Indian River Dr
	Fort Pierce, Fl 34950
	112 Megawatts         

2.	Gainesville Regional Utilities
	The Deerhaven Generating Station 
	is GRU's largest power plant. 
	Deerhaven began commercial 
	operation in 1972 with Unit 
	One, an 82-megawatt natural 
	gas or oil fired generating 
	unit. One year later, GRU 
	negotiated a permanent tie 
	into the state electric grid 	
	through the Florida Power 
	Corporation, which allows us 
	to buy and sell excess power. 
	In 1981, Unit Two was 
	constructed becoming the 
	first municipally owned coal 
	burning electric generating 
	unit in the state. 
	Unit Two is a 235-megawatt 
	generating unit. Natural Gas 
	& Oil Plant

4.	Lake Worth Utilities
	E. "Van" Van Dever, Jr. 
	Utilities Director
	(561) 586-1665
	FAX (561) 586-1702
	Tom G. Smith 74 Megawatts
	This project is for repowering 
	the City of Lake Worth,Fl's 
	existing S-3 and S-4 steam 
	turbine generators. The S-4 
	will be replaced with a new 
	steam turbine generator. 
	The project consists of a 
	new gas fueled General 
	Electric (GE) Frame 7FA, 
	three-pressure HRSG, 47.5 
	MW steam turbine generator 
	(to replace the existing 
	S-4 STG), and ancillary 
	equipment. Power generated by 
	the gas turbine will be sold 
	on a merchant basis. 
	Tom G Smith 74 Megawatts

5.	Lakeland Dept Electic
 	501 E. Lemon St. 
	Lakeland, FL. 33801
	(863) 834-6300
	Larsen Memorial	
	76 Megawatts
	941 Megawatts
	Coal Fired Plant
	The designation means that 
	the unit, which is Lakeland 
	Electricís only coal-
	burning generator, was highly 
	efficient, reliable and ran 
	at close to 93 percent of 
	its maximum power 
	during the year"

6.	Seminole Electric Cooperative
	Seminole's primary generating 
	facility, the Seminole Generating 
	Station, consists of two 650 
	megawatt coal-fired generating 
	units. It's located north of 
	Palatka on the St. Johns 
	River, in Putnam County, about 50 
	miles south of Jacksonville.
7.	Seminole Electric Cooperative
	Seminole's Payne Creek Generating 
	Station is a gas-fired, combined 
	cycle facility located in Hardee 
	County, about 12 miles northwest 
	of Wauchula 350	 Megawatts

8.	Stanton Energy Center
	Orlando Utilities Commission
	Listed 425 Megawatts

9.	Orlando Utilities Comm
	Indian River  	639

10.	Vero Beach Municipal Utilities
	Vero Beach    	117
	City Power Plant

Florida Electric Cooperative Assocation
2916 Apalachee Parkway
Tallahassee, FL 32301
(850) 877-6166

Escambia River Electric Cooperative
Post Office Box 428
3425 Highway 4 West
Jay, Fl 32565
(850) 675-4521
Fax: (850) 675-8415

West Florida Electric Cooperative
Contact Form
5282 Peanut Rd.
Post Office Box 127
Graceville, Fl 32440-0127
(850) 263-3231 (Voice)
1-800-342-7400 (Voice)
(850) 263-3726 (FAX)

Talquin Electric Cooperative Inc.
Post Office Box 1679
Quincy, FL 32353-1679
1640 W. Jefferson
Quincy, FL 32351-5679 
(850) 627-7651

Clay City Electric Cooperative
225 West Walker Dr.
Post Office Box 308
Keystone Heights, Fl 32656-0308
(352) 473-4917 (Voice)
(352) 473-1400 (FAX)

Sumter Electric Cooperative
293 South U.S. 301
Post Office Box 301
Sumterville, Fl 33585-0301
(352) 793-3801(Voice)
(352) 793-6314 (FAX)

Florida Keys Electric Cooperatives
Post Office Box 377
91605 Overseas Highway
Tavernier, Fl 33070
(305) 852-2431
(305) 852-4794 FAX

Peace River Electric Cooperative
Post Office Box 1310
U.S. Highway 17 North
Wauchula, Fl 33873
(941) 773-4116 (Voice)
(941) 773-4190 (FAX)

Glades Electric Cooperative
Post Office Box 519
1190 U.S. Highway 27, East
Moore Haven, Fl 33471
(863) 946-0061
(863) 226-4024
(863) 946-0824 (FAX)

Chatawhatchee Electric Cooperative
Contact Form
Post Office Box 512
1350 West Baldwin Avenue
DeFuniak Springs, Fl 32435-0512
(850) 892-2111 (Voice)
1-800-342-0990 (Voice)
(850) 892-9560 (FAX)

Gulf Coast Electric Cooperative
Post Office Box 220
772 W. Highway 22
Wewahitchka, Fl 32465
(850) 639-2216 (voice)
(850) 639-5061 (FAX)

Tri County Electric Cooperatives Inc.
Post Office Box 208
U.S. Hwy. 90 West
Madison, Fl 32341
(850) 973-2285 (Voice)
(850) 973-1209 (FAX)

Suwannee Valley Electric Cooperative
Post Office Box 160
1725 South Ohio
Live Oak, Fl 32064-0160
(904) 362-2226 (Voice)
(904) 364-5008 (FAX

Okefenokee REMC
Post Office Box 602
U.S. Highway 82 East
Nahunta, Ga 31553
(912) 462-5131 (Voice)
(912) 462-6100 (FAX)

Central Florida Electric Cooperative
Post Office Box 9
1124 N. Young Blvd.
Chiefland, Fl 32644
(352) 493-2511

Withlacoochee Electric Cooperative
14651 21st Street
Dade City, Fl 33523
Post Office Box 278
Dade City, Fl 33526-0278
(352) 567-5133 (Voice)

Seminole Electric Cooperative
Post Office Box 272000 
16313 North Dale 
Mabry Hwy. 33618 
Tampa, Fl 33688-2000 
(813) 963-0994 (Voice) 
(813) 264-7906 (FAX)

Florida Public Utilities
401 S Dixie Highway
West Palm Beach, Fl 33401

Florida Municipal Electric Association
417 East College Avenue
Tallahassee, FL 32301
Phone: (850) 224-3314
Fax: (850) 224-2831


Florida Public Service Commission
2540 Shumard Oak Blvd.
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0850
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