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Offical Website

Offical Website

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Are you interested in cutting your hair or getting a new style but are not sure of what it will look like. This is a depository of makeovers which can assist your decision even if you want your hair floor length, bobbed, or super short. These makeovers were performed by some of the foremost professionals in the industry who have generously permitted reproduction of their work at this site to assist your needs. This website was visited about 2,000,000 times before it went off line.This is a vocational training project used to improve computer; technical and hairstyling skills.Political Humor site move to this link

I Hair Cut Make Overs

Long Hair Link

The Long Hair Styles

Bob Hair Styles Makeovers

The Bobbed Hair Styles

Short Hair Makerover Link

Short Hair Makeovers

Page Boy Makerovers

Pageboys Makeovers

Geometric/Asymetical Makeovers

Geometric Hair Styles

Pony Tail Makeovers

Pony Tail Removal Makeovers

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Women Sell The Hair For Money

Selling Your Long Hair For Money?

Women Who Are Ready For Big Change

Women Who Want Big Change

Head Shaving For Fun

Shave It All Off For Fun